Frequently Asked Questions - This contains very important information so you can get down the hill to the campsite - spend a short cup of coffee reading this please.

Q) I hear this camp is run by a professional company, is that true?

A) No, this camp is put on for your enjoyment by a family and thier friends. We have been running the camp for over 12 years with well over 3000 participants. This camp is a volunteer effort, for your entertainment, no professionals are a part of putting on the camp. This year the food will be catered.

Q) Is there cell coverage at camp?

A) Placer Pete doesn't believe in such new fangled things - there is no cell coverage in camp. There is a pay phone at the top of camp you can use, bring change.

Q) Can I bring a pet?

A) Pete kindly requests that no pets be brought into camp. We have had difficulties in the past, the camp is really crowded.

Q) What is the camp fee this year?

A) The fee for both camps this year is $53.50 per person (5 years old and up)

Q) When do we pay?

A) The camp fee schedule is as follows:
April 15th, final payment for each camper is due. Final payment is NOT REFUNDABLE. Sorry, we starting buying the supplies for the camp at that time. On April 15th please send your fee along with a count of folks count of folks attending above 5 and below 5. Please add your contact information with all coorespondances. We ask for one payment for your entire group. We will ask for your camp roster in May. The roster must be provided electronically and will be available on this web site for download in excel and .pdf formats.

Q) Who and how do we pay? New this year

A) We are working on electronic forms of payment but as of now send your checks to:

Placer Pete's Gold Camp
6692 Halifax Drive, Huntington Beach Ca. 92647

Make Chcks Payable to L Scukanec

Upon receipt of your check an email will be sent to your email contact on record. If you do not receive an email within 5 days of your mailing please contact us at the email adress provided so we can coordinate the payment.

Q) What is the size of the campsites?

A) Each campsite is sized to your unit's need.

Q) Are there any forms I need to fill out to get down to camp?

A) Yes there is a required camp waiver form which must be presented to the camp registration team upon arrival to the camp. You will not be able to drive down to camp without these forms. Use the links at the bottome of the home web site page to obtain your waivers. You must have this when you check in. Waivers will be provided on this site for download.

Q) I hear that parking is difficult at camp, what does that mean?

A) It is true, parking at Camp Williams is a challenge. The camp parking with be at the north end of camp. You may be allowed one car in your campsite but all other cars must be parked up river in the designated parking area. We highly encorage car pooling to the camp.

Q) I am arriving on Saturday, is there a special registration process?

A) Yes, if you arrive on Saturday you must be at the camp by 7:30 am. There is no driving in camp after Friday evening, so you will need to park at the Camp Williams Cafe (facing the river and not the Cafe). You should see a person at the registration area at the top of the hill. You will need to present your waiver and invitation (if necessary) before you can get down the hill. You must register at the top before going down the hill. Registration will be available between 7:00 and 7:30 am Saturday morning. If you get in earlier, please park your car and come to the staff area, fins a staff representative and they will help you check-in.

Q) Is there a fee for just coming up Saturday?

A) Yes - most of the activities are planned for Saturday. We provide the panning materials, skits, Saturday Miners Meals and panning lessons on Saturday. Also our camp fees are not prorated and are paid in full in advance, we rent the entire camp so there really is no per night charge for camping. We do not want anyone to miss out on the fun. So if you would like to participate on Saturday feel free to come on out however the full fee for the program ($53.50) will be asked for.

Q) Can 3 year old siblings attend?  

A) All ages are permitted. You are required to tent camp, the decision to camp at your age is up to you. Under 5 are free. Siblings, family members, extended family is welcomed.

Q) Do parents have to attend or can the scouts come with another family?

A) If a minor is coming with others without their guardians, you should obtain parental consent and a right to treat permission. The camp and staff are not responsible for any actions or injuries to you or your anyone in your party. We cannot be held responsible for anything that goes on in your Camp. We cannot treat any injuries. We will assist in getting you help if you need it but that's all we can do. Again consider this an opportunity for you and your friends to get together for a weekend for a really great time. The responsibility for the minor not part of your family is up to you and the guardian of the minor.

Q) What if my plans change, can I get my money back?

A) After final payment is received we start the process of preparing for the camp. We start buying food, pay for the camp, purchase the gold panning equipment and order the patches. We run the camp for our for the love of the great outdoors and the ever elusive prospect of finding the big nugget. As such we are unable to refund your payment.

Q) What about weather?

A) Camp is run rain or shine unless there is a danger to the campers due to weather (i.e. flash floods, fire, etc.)

Q) Can I bring a camper ?

A) Sorry no - our camp is very full and there are no spaces available for campers.

Q) Smoking?

A) - Sorry there is no smoking in camp - there are facilities at the top of the camp to accomodate smokers.